OSLO project suggests tender…

OSLO project suggests tender clauses to promote the use of the OSLO specification

Published on: 05/11/2014

The Flemish ICT Organisation (V-ICT-OR) published on 28th October 2014 a document (in dutch) containing clauses for tender specifications procurement contracts to promote the use of the OSLO specification. The document, authored by two civil servants from the Flemish government, proposes clauses to promote the use of OSLO conformance, by including this either as a technical criterion or an award criterion in the tender specifications. This work fits in a broader movement in the public sector to avoid lock-in through the procurement of standards-based ICT solutions.

The given distinction between the OSLO conformance as a technical criterion or award criterion resides in the mandatory character of the use of standards and the proper level of enforcement required. The standardization of infrastructure, descriptions and development is a major factor for allowing various government agencies to cooperate efficiently with each other.


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