Partners: Semantics high on W…

Partners: Semantics high on W3C eGovernment agenda

Published on: 27/10/2008

During the latest W3C Technical Plenary Week (20-24 October 2008 in Mandelieu, France) SEMIC.EU made its debut in the World Wide Web Consortium eGovernment Interest Group. The group decided to place semantics at the top of its working schedule.

The mission of the eGovernment Interest Group (eGov IG) is to explore how to improve access to government through better use of the Web and achieve better government transparency using open Web standards. During face-to-face meetings (once or twice a year) and monthly teleconferences up to twelve topics will be analysed, starting with the theme semantic interoperability. Therefore SEMIC.EU is about to become part of the eGovernment Interest Group.

In early June, SEMIC.EU was invited to liaise with W3C. Initiated by José Manuel Alonso, eGovernment Lead at W3C, future arrangements are to be discussed in collaboration with John Sheridan (see picture), the new co-chair of the eGovernment Interest Group and Kevin Novak, the other co-chair.

See the eGovernment Interest Group website:

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