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The Region of Trentino (Italy) proposed a new Core Vocabulary on public events


As part of its journey towards increasing the semantic interoperability of its information, the region of Trentino in Italy is piloting the use of the Core Vocabularies and has reached its second milestone with the creation of a draft Core Vocabulary on public events.


  • As a first milestone, the region started mapping the information structure of Trentino municipalities’ web portals to the Core Vocabularies developed by ISA² and to To complete this task, Trentino used the ISA² mapping tool on several core vocabularies as described in the Handbook for using the Core Vocabularies.
  • As a second milestone, Trentino has started enriching the list of Core Vocabularies by suggesting a new one (Core Public Event Vocabulary) based on its experience in managing cultural events in the provincial portal.

In practice, the Trentino Cultura portal has already a catalogue of 220,000 cultural events from 2013 to 2017 at the provincial and municipal levels. Besides this catalogue, municipalities currently have a small collection of public events published with a similar data schema on ComunWeb, the common web platform of all Trentino’s municipalities. This second collection is harvested by the Provincial Opendata Hub and consequently by the European Data Portal.

Trentino proposed a scenario in which the use of a public event class is considered. This scenario emerged from their study of a recent ontology in the cultural domain called Cultural-ON* and developed by the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities (MiBACT), the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AGID) and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).

The public event class described in their new scenario would be broader than the cultural events modelled by Cultural-ON. The class would include all events that have a public or social relevance, independently of the specific topic and of the public/private nature of the organiser. The definition used by Trentino in their scenario describes public event as an event opened to the public that may attract people, either in large groups (such as for concerts, sport matches, conferences), in small groups or single people (such as for exhibitions, guided visits, courses, etc.).

For the development of this new vocabulary, specific attention needs to be paid to municipalities. Those are indeed important agents for promoting social and touristic events with relevant local information, provided by small entities such as associations, local civil society representatives, volunteering, etc.

A preliminary conceptual scheme of ‘PublicEvent’ has been developed by the region and is shown in the figure available here.

The next steps of this pilot have been defined as it follows:

  • Milestone 3: April – conduction of a detailed mapping task, applying the Core Vocabularies methodology. This activity will be developed jointly with MiBACT in order to align the cultural event modelling of ComunWeb with cultural event modelling of Cultural-ON.
  • Milestone 4: May – demo of the value of the Core Vocabularies in different countries by developing a very simple search form, which imports and indexes data coming from ComunWeb (2 municipalities: Levico Terme and Tre Ville, Italy) and Ghent municipality (Belgium).

*This ontology is not yet published but has recently been the object of a public webinar.

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