SEMIC 2015 Conference brought…

SEMIC 2015 Conference brought together more than 150 participants

Published on: 15/05/2015

On May 5, 2015 the ISA Programme of the European Commission organised its 5th conference on Semantic Interoperability for e-Government. More than 150 participants from 29 countries were brought together in Riga to explore and share experiences on how Enterprise Information Management and Service Portfolio Management can help public administration improve its modus operandi, reduce costs and improve public services through digital transformation.

Speakers coming from different sectors (i.e. private, public and academia, European Institutions, non-profit organisations) shared first-hand experiences, tools and best practices and enlightened the participants through their presentations on Enterprise Information Management and through a panel discussion on Service Portfolio Management.  

The SEMIC conference was followed by a network drink that was organised in collaboration with the ContAct Riga event.

Visit the SEMIC 2015 webpage to view the conference brochure, get more information about the agenda and download the presentations of the different speakers.