Standards registration in “Fo…

Standards registration in “Forum Standaardisatie” until 30 October

Published on: 23/10/2014

Forum Standaardisatie  in the Netherlands invites public administrations, businesses and citizens to promote new standards and update standards that are already included in the “comply or explain” list and in the list of “recommended common open standards”. The goal of the Dutch government on open standards is to eliminate any interoperability obstacles and enhance the digital communication between governmental bodies, businesses and civilians. The new standards that will be included in the list will come into force in April 2015.

Adoption of  the “comply or explain” list from an organisation means that the board members of this organisation have committed to comply and to use the standards when they develop ICT services or products; they will have to choose and follow one of the open standards of the list.  Also, governmental bodies are obliged to follow the standards and adjust their procurement process to the list. Organisations can always decide not to follow any open standard, but in this case they are obliged to justify their choice (“explain”).

More information on registration and approval can be found on the Standaardisatie web page or contact the Bureau Standaardisatie Forum via .


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