Swedish computer scientists j…

Swedish computer scientists join content management system user group

Published on: 29/02/2012

A newly formed Swedish group for users of Drupal, an open source content management system, is catching on with Swedish computer scientists, writes Infotech Umeå, an IT news site for the eponymous region in Sweden. It reports that Of the twelve users that got together for the second meeting of 'Drupal Norr' on 19 January, some seven or eight have a background in computer science.

Of the three presentations that took place, two dealt with the use of Drupal by the local university library. The research archives from the university library at the Umeå University is using the open source CMS to open the archive to its users, writes Infotech Umeå.

Making the archive's large amount of photographs, texts, diaries, letters and scanned documents accessible over the Internet had so far been difficult. Now the archive's staff uses the Drupal-based site, which has made handling of all the documents easier.

In a second presentation, one of the staff members from the university library presented how a world wide community of the developers is shaping Drupal.

A third meeting of the user groups is scheduled for Thursday 15 March 15, again in the Umeå University Library.

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