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About SEMIC pilots

A number of pilots were executed by the SEMIC action under the ISA² programme in close collaboration with public administrations in several EU Member States as well as European Commission services and other EU bodies and agencies. These pilots were intended as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the applicability of ISA² specifications, such as e-Government Core Vocabularies, as well as Linked Data, and/or metadata governance and management.

Discover below examples of pilots carried out since 2013.

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Pilots on Linked Data

1. Core Location Pilot: interconnecting Belgian National and Regional Address Registers

This pilot used the Core Location Vocabulary to publish and inter-link data from the address registers of the three Belgian regions, namely UrBIS in the Brussels Region, CRAB in the Flanders and PICC in Wallonia, and data from the Belgian National Geographic Institute (NGI).

2. Organization Ontology Pilot: Linking public sector's organisational data

This pilot demonstrated the usage of the Organization Ontology to describe the organigram of the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernance.

3. Maritime surveillance data pilot: Integrating disparate sources of maritime surveillance data

This pilot demonstrated the value of Linked Data to integrate disparate sources of maritime surveillance data. In particular, it showcased how information in the European Union Fleet Register, vessel position data from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), and incident data from the Spanish Armada can be combined to create a maritime surveillance overview from a single point of access.

4. Linked data pilot on plant protection products

This pilot demonstrated the integration of data about applications and decisions for authorisation of plant protection products using Linked Data technologies, and a common vocabulary for reaching agreement on a shared terminology between the Member States and the Commission. Period: March - July 2013


Pilots on e-Government Core Vocabularies

1. Core Public Service Pilot: describe public services only once

This pilot test-drived the Core Public Service Vocabulary (CPSV) with service descriptions from the e-CODEX large-scale pilot, the Flemish Intergovernmental Product and Service Catalogue. and the Irish Citizens Information portal.

2. Core Data Model Mapping Directory

The Core Data Model Mapping Directory is the source for information for those looking to reuse and extend the Core Vocabularies, and also support the development of semantically interoperable systems, allowing public administrations to discover the Core Vocabularies and their mappings to other existing core data models.

3. Registered organisation data 

This pilot published linked data about Greek public administration agencies, merging various data sources. The hierarchy of agencies was represented with the W3C Organization ontology. Addresses were represented with the Core Location Vocabulary.


Pilots on metadata governance and management

1. e-Document engineering pilot

This mini pilot on e-Document engineering was carried out in collaboration with e-SENS and in the context of Action 2.15 of the ISA Programme. The project aimed at demonstrating how a metadata registry, a common library of data elements and mappings can help reducing semantic interoperability conflicts. It also demonstrated how to make use of a standard e-Document engineering method to create e-Document formats in close connection with the metadata registry.

2. Metadata Management pilot for the Marine and Maritime environment

This pilot was specifically dedicated to metadata governance and management methodology defined in our report on Methodology and tools for Metadata Governance and Management for EU Institutions and Member States. The pilot adapted those tools to specific requirements of the Marine and Maritime domain with a focus on the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for Maritime Surveillance led by DG MARE.

3. Metadata alignment pilot in the EU institutions and MSs (Named Authority Lists and EuroVoc thesaurus)

This pilot presented the results of testing practical solutions related to metadata alignment. It derived a number of lessons learnt and good practices.

In the context of the pilot, two practical exercises on metadata alignment were conducted:

  1. Metadata alignment between the Named Authority Lists of the Publications Office of the EU and other authority lists.
  2. The creation of a SKOS collection based on the EuroVoc thesaurus of the Publications Office of the EU by analysing several Open Data Portal at national and local level.

4. Reference data management for State-aid control with DG COMP – Link

This pilot consisted of a Metadata Management Model for Competition policy areas where the European Commission exchanges information both internally and with European public administrations present in every Member States. The pilot particularly encompasses state-aid systems of DG COMP.