SEMIC 2019 | Doaa Samy

Doaa Samy

Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Autónoma University Madrid in Dec 2005. Since February 2017, a member of the General Technical Office of the Spanish Plan for the Advancement of Language Technologies Plan coordinated by David Pérez Fernández at the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD).

As a member of the General Technical Office, her work focuses on Resources and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications based on the analysis of use cases from Public Administration. As a member of the team of the Language Technologies Plan, she assisted in the definition and the follow up of a variety of initiatives in different domains such as NLP in R&D&I, NLP in the Legal Domain, etc.

In addition, she is an Advanced Computational Linguist at the Institute of Knowledge Engineering (Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento IIC).

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