SEMIC conference

About the SEMIC conference

The SEMIC conference is the annual conference on semantic interoperability organised by the ISA² programme of the European Commission. Its objectives are to provide our growing community with a platform to exchange experience about how they produce, manage, exchange, publish, consume and exploit data; and to raise awareness regarding the need for semantic interoperability. At the same time, it gives both speakers and participants from public administrations the opportunity to discuss their strategy for digitisation and the role that data and semantic interoperability play in the digital transformation of public services.

SEMIC conferences bring together experts and decision makers from European public administrations, EU institutions and agencies and the private sector. They are usually attended by around 200 participants, mainly from public administrations covering IT and policy profiles; and by technology experts interested in semantic interoperability.

The following editions of the SEMIC conference have been organised so far:

  • SEMIC 2018 on Linked Digital Public Administrations
  • SEMIC 2017 on Data and Information Management
  • SEMIC 2016 on Data standards for interconnected Public Administrations
  • SEMIC 2015 on Bringing Enterprise Information Management and Service Portfolio Management to public
  • SEMIC 2014 on Metadata governance and management
  • SEMIC 2013 on Achieving interoperability through reuse
  • SEMIC 2012 on Explore semantic technologies for improved interoperability & eGovernment services
  • SEMIC 2011 on Rethinking Semantic Interoperability through Collaboration


SEMIC conferences (2011-2018): highlights and insights

SEMIC 2018 - "Linked Digital Public Administrations"

The 8th edition of SEMIC, the annual semantic interoperability conference, was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14 June 2018. The event was organised by the ISA² Programme of the European Commission in collaboration with the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.It brought together policymakers, IT practitioners and researchers interested in topics related to semantic interoperability for public administrations.

This year’s theme was "Linked Digital Public Administrations". Nowadays, public administrations exchange data with each other, citizens and businesses, interconnect their systems and link data.This brings direct benefit to citizens, such as not having to input information more than once.

The interconnection of base registers, such as business registers, land registers, etc. plays an important role. At the same time, these registers hold data of immense value for the public, which can be tapped into by making data produced by public services available and linkable with data from other sources. This provides convenience to put large-scale data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence at the service of society. The participants of SEMIC 2018 had an opportunity to discover and share current trends and related recent developments.



SEMIC 2017 - "Data and Information Management"

SEMIC 2017 was held in Valletta, on 14/06/2017. In this seventh edition of the Semantic Interoperability Conference, participants had the opportunity to learn how leading organisations in Europe are creating value from data and information for themselves and their stakeholders by:

  • Investing in data and information governance and management activities;
  • Rethinking information retrieval and delivery within and beyond organisational boundaries;
  • Sharing information and collaborating;
  • Using data and information to improve decision-making.



SEMIC 2016"Data standards for interconnected Public Administrations"

SEMIC 2016 was held in Rome, on 12/05/2016. In this sixth edition of the Semantic Interoperability Conference, participants had the opportunity to follow discussions and panels on policies and practices for developing and using data standards and learn from the experience coming from standardisation organisations, governments and European institutions.



SEMIC 2015 - "Bringing Enterprise Information Management and Service Portfolio Management to public administration"

SEMIC 2015 was held in Riga, on 05/05/2015. In this fifth edition of the Semantic Interoperability Conference, SEMIC 2015, we had the pleasure of welcoming 152 participants from 28 countries. For more information, you may download the SEMIC 2015 Highlights Report or preview it below.



SEMIC 2014 - "Metadata management and governance"

SEMIC 2014 was held in Athens, on 09/04/2014. More than 200 participants from 33 countries were gathered in Athens to explore how public administrations can use semantic technologies to make information exchange efficient and effective, allowing them to operate at lower costs and provide better services. For more information, you may download the SEMIC 2014 Highlights Report or preview it below.



SEMIC 2013 - "Semantic interoperability for basic public services"

SEMIC 2013 was held in Dublin, on 21/06/2013 and gathered 106 participants from 27 countries. SEMIC 2013 brought together both the experts driving the practice of semantics and linked data technologies and those who have firsthand experience of implementing these standards in cross-border e-Government applications. For more information, you may download the SEMIC 2013 Highlights Report or preview it below.



SEMIC 2012 - "Explore semantic technologies for increased interoperability"

SEMIC 2012 was held in Brussels, on 18/06/2012 and offered the opportunity to 139 participants from 35 different countries to explore and discuss how semantic interoperability solutions are being embraced by e-Government initiatives. For more information, you may download the SEMIC 2012 Highlights Report or preview it below.



SEMIC 2011 - "Rethinking semantic interoperability through collaboration"

SEMIC 2011 was held in Brussels, on 18/05/2011, bringing together 97 participants from 22 countries. The objective of the conference was to gain a broader understanding on the current state-of- affairs of semantic interoperability in Europe, and to understand the updated SEMIC.EU strategy; a strategy based on collaboration with the Member States and the broader community with a clear target to support Public Administrations in their interoperability efforts. For more information, you also download the SEMIC 2011 Highlights Report or preview it below.