About Aragon Open Data Pool: Transform Open Data to Linked Open Data and browse it!

Aragon Open Data is the opendata portal of the Aragón Region Government (Spain). The  portal is managed by the Electronic Administration and Information Society, Government of Aragon and its mission is to be the catalogue where citizens and enterprises can find Aragon´s data in reusable and open formats.

Aragon Open Data has among its resources a API REST (GA_OD_Core) where there are more than 260 database views. All database views are included in Aragon Open Data Catalogue. 

The database views have different size, schema, and a great heterogeneous data.  This data diversity reflects the different administrative competencies for Government of Aragon, but this diversity hinders its opening and reuse.  For this reason Aragon Open Data Pool has been developed (december 2018) to connect and integrate various and disparate data sources from database views together to the same schema ando vocabulary: EI2A.

EI2A emerges as the framework in which the open data and in general the information of the Government of Aragon can begin to be automated in a much more profound way. The EI2A has to have a number of technical, organizational and legal elements that need to be developed. EI2A describes basic data from the Government domain, intended to support data interoperability with the aim of standardizing information and exploiting it in the future.

Aragon Open Data Pool

The different database views are identified and related to EI2A, and with a ETL process, the data are loaded into same semantic infrastructure. Now the data are Linked (Open Data)!.

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