Discover interoperability assets that are defined as success stories

Published on: 17/04/2013


This issue has been created in the context of the EFIR project, the extension of the current federation of semantic interoperability assets on Joinup to other layers of interoperability.

Recently, we have run a survey and we have identified several key stakeholder requests for the upcoming extension.

On April 24, a webinar is organised to discuss the requirements for the upcoming extension. These key stakeholder requests will help us guide the open discussions during the webinar.

Stakeholder request: The users should be able to discover and sort interoperability assets and / or solutions that are defined as success stories.


  •  The users should be able to discover assets / solutions that are highly reusable.

Open questions

  • When talking about success stories, do you think about a single asset, a group of assets, or both?
  • How would you define success stories? What could be the KPIs? E.g. The number of information systems where  the asset is used (The number of implementations)? Make sure the KPIs are collectable, measurable, meaningful, etc
  • How should the KPIs be used on Joinup? E.g. filtering, sorting, etc.
  • What is the level of quality you are expecting? Few assets but highly reusable? Many assets with good filtering criteria? Etc







Wed, 17/04/2013 - 23:05