The federation should be promoted in a consistent way both at local and EU level.

Published on: 17/04/2013


This issue has been created in the context of the EFIR project, the extension of the current federation of semantic interoperability assets on Joinup to other layers of interoperability.

Recently, we have run a survey and we have identified several key stakeholder requests for the upcoming extension.

On April 24, a webinar is organised to discuss the requirements for the upcoming extension. These key stakeholder requests will help us guide the open discussions during the webinar.

Stakeholder request: Interoperability assets and the federation should be promoted in a consistent way both at local and EU level.

Open questions

  • What could be an easy and consistent way to communicate the benefits of  the federation for European public administrations ? Should we define an action plan together on how the federation should be promoted?
  • What could be the best promotional activities to undertake to promote the federation? Which channels and / or tools would you use?
  • Which types of promotional activities should be supported by the European Commission? Which types of promotional activities are you ready to support?







Thu, 18/04/2013 - 10:59

We would with pleasure put a link to federated search on our national registry (RIHA) opening page. Simple guidance for the styling of the link (icon, recommended accompanying text) - and the statement that linking is welcome - would be helpful. 8)