Search for interoperability agreements

Published on: 17/04/2013


This issue has been created in the context of the EFIR project, the extension of the current federation of semantic interoperability assets on Joinup to other layers of interoperability.

Recently, we have run a survey and we have identified several key stakeholder requests for the upcoming extension.

On April 24, a webinar is organised to discuss the requirements for the upcoming extension. These key stakeholder requests will help us guide the open discussions during the webinar.

Stakeholder request: The users should be able to search for interoperability agreements.


  • A interoperability agreement sets a number of general rules that define the exchange of information between different public administrations e.g. an addressing plan to exchange information between Member States. 
  • Spain provided examples of interoperability agreements applicable to Spanish public administrations.

Open questions

  • What information about the interoperability agreement would you like to see?
  • According to you, should an interoperability agreement be an asset type? As it often involves multiple layers of interoperability, how could we make interoperability agreements easily searchable on Joinup?