Rename relationship 'distribution' into 'package'

Published on: 21/06/2012
Discussion   renaming to "package" the "distribution" link inherited from RADion,   between Software Release and Software Package. This will be more
  natural, and I think RADion is just a conceptual framework which is not realized per se, so such renamings aren't problematic (provided
  that the OWL statements in the schema capture the





Human Language Specification


stijngoedertier (not verified)
Thu, 21/06/2012 - 12:40

This is an excellent suggestion.

Proposal:  include a new relationship 'package' in the conceptual model. In the RDF Schema, we will say that admssw:package is a a subclass of rad:distribution

stijngoedertier (not verified)
Sun, 24/06/2012 - 23:54

To be included in v0.5:


admssw:package       rdf:type rdf:Property ;       rdfs:comment "The package relationship associates a Software Release with a Software Package."@en ;       rdfs:isDefinedBy <; ;       rdfs:label "Software Release - package"@en ;       rdfs:subPropertyOf rad:distribution ;       dcterms:identifier "admssw:package"@en .