schema:version not suitable for SoftwareRelease's version property

Published on: 22/06/2012

SoftwareRelease inherits from doap:Version, which has a doap:revision litteral property.

IMHO, it is more suitable than schema:version which seems to be a number, which seems to have been chosen in the RDF schema.

Note that ADMS uses a RADion:version for a similar property in RADion:Assets which may also be suitable, but I would personally be privileging doap as much as possible if we have the choice in which to reuse.




RDF/XML Schema


stijngoedertier (not verified)
Sun, 24/06/2012 - 23:30

Thanks for this excellent suggestion. It has been replaced by the doap:revision property as from v0.5.


doap:revision       rdfs:comment "Revision identifier of a software release."@en ;       rdfs:isDefinedBy doap: ;       rdfs:label "Software Release - version"@en ;       dcterms:identifier "doap:revision"@en .