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Improve descriptions of Use Cases

Joinup Admin
Published on: 18/11/2016 Discussion
Improve the clarity of the descriptions of the different use cases in the document. The use cases have as a goal to give specific descriptions of the needs that the vocabulary will be providing solutions for. However, the use cases seem to be cases which are focused on describing how the needs are fulfilled using the vocabulary. The general use case descriptions for CCCEV should focus on stating the needs only. Describing the fulfilment of the needs should be separated from the description of the needs. 
Public Review from Denmark: Julie Richter






oriol (not verified) Fri, 18/11/2016 - 17:47

The document is the process of several months of work and revisions from the members of the WG, where this type of issue has never been raised. The conclusions and summary of the use cases are in section 4 of the report, which reports the needs in a clear list. 

Suggestion: No changes in the specification at this point.