Provide a Classification of Criterion Types

Published on: 25/04/2016

1. there is a strong need to describe a classification of criterionTypes with different levels of abstraction. Even for a single domain, but certainly for multi domains it is impossible to maintain and use a flat list of criteria. Some natural high-level attribute criterion classes for Business Life-cycle domain are: Identity attribute criteria, Personal, Business, Professional Qualifications, Financial, Legal/Ethical/Moral, Fiscal, Labour/Welfare, Health, Safety, Environment, Building/zoning, Quality.
I think that all the e-SENS "Inputs" fall into these categories and I also verified that all >250 eCertis criteria found in
can be mapped to these classes. I think developing this type of taxonomy is a necessary step to embrace other domains.


Issue reported by David Mitzman and Loukia Demiri






oriol (not verified)
Wed, 04/05/2016 - 13:30

This is out of scope for the current version of the CCCEV.