Core Person Vocabulary 1.00

10 years ago

The Person Core Vocabulary provides a minimum set of classes and properties for describing a natural person, i.e. the individual as opposed to any role they may play in society or the relationships they have to other people, organisations and property; all of which contribute significantly to the broader concept of identity. The vocabulary is closely integrated with the Location and Business Core Vocabularies.

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Prefix: person


Final draft: Version 1.00 07 May 2012

This specification was produced by the Core Vocabularies Working Group (Person Task Force), following the Process and Methodology for Developing Core Vocabularies. It has been reviewed by representatives of the Member States of the European Union, PSI publishers, and by other interested parties. On 23 May 2012, the Member State representatives in the ISA Coordination Group have endorsed the Core Person vocabulary v1.00, acknowledging the work and promising to further disseminate it at national level. 

Copyright © 2012 European Union. This vocabulary is published under the ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.1