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ISA² starts up CPEV

Join the Core Public Event Working Group

Published on: 12/01/2018

After receiving many positive responses to the call for expression of interest for a Core Public Event Vocabulary, the ISA² Programme of the European Commission has decided to launch an open working group for the creation of the vocabulary. 

Several ISA² partners in the EU countries have expressed a need for a core vocabulary that describes public events. Such vocabulary would capture data about conferences, summits, festivals, exhibitions, etc.

If you are interested to join the Working Group to co-develop the specification, you are invited to:

The first working group meeting (webinar) will be scheduled early February. If you would like to join, please share your availability via, so we can find the most suitable date.

During the first webinar, we will discuss the use cases of the vocabulary and existing solutions that we could start from or take into consideration.