Relate the Criterion Requirement and Evidence

Published on: 18/09/2017


This issue was raised by Karolina Wolniewicz through the mailing list:

The Criterion Requirement is not related directly to the Evidences. In our opinion, they should be linked.  Example: In Public Service “A” exists Criteria Requirement “R”, as so a user must provide the Evidence “E” to fulfill the requirement.






Mon, 18/09/2017 - 14:40

Comment from Michiel de Keyzer through the mailing list:

The only consideration that I want to make is, whether we are not trying to model business and process logic too much in the model if we would add this relation. Would it not be enough to say which are the criteria and the requirements you need to comply to (e.g. you need to be 18 years old), to be able to execute the Public Service, and also saying which inputs you need to provide (e.g. attestations, proof of no convictions) and then build the logic on top of that to see if the criteria are fulfilled?

Also I am not sure that for each criterion, a citizen or business needs to provide a particular evidence, as maybe some information is just derived (for instance a criterion can also be a natural disaster that has happened, or just the fact that you are living within the country or a certain region).