Use of Authority cf. FormalFramework

Published on: 05/03/2013

In a private e-mail, Owen has pointed out that StratML has the concept of 'Authority' which is a close match for cpsv:FormalFramework. Ity's defined as “The legal or other or other documentation providing legitimacy within the organizations to which they apply.” - which is a good match for "This class represents the legislation, policy or policies that lie behind the rules that govern the service."

There are various options:

1. State in the definition for FormalFramework that this is quivalent to StratML's Authority.

2. Re-use Authority directly

3. Do nothing

My preference is no. 1 as the word 'Authority' can easily be confused with the irganisation that provides/is responsible for the public service. Certainly in Britain such an organisation is often referred to colloquially as 'the local authority' - and that's not what StratML means. Neverthless, maming a direct connection seems a good thing to do. 






philarcher (not verified)
Sun, 10/03/2013 - 18:13

Working Group Telecon of 6 March 2013 decided to leave the model as is, however, dcterms:related would be added to show that one FormalFramework instance can be related to another. A detailed model of legislation, powers and duties etc, is out of scope for the CPSV.