use of foaf:homepage

Published on: 04/03/2013

Johann Höchtl wrote:

foaf:homepage (The Web page through which the service is available.) I think this is somewhat limiting. My guess is that this URL will point to a homepage, a service endpoint (API), ...  If this is the case, a broader concept might be better.


- Reject (keep foaf:hompage)

- Accept and broaden to foaf:page (The page property relates a thing to a document about that thing.). For - it answers Johann's point, against, it's much less widely used.

- Accept, find an alternative, or maybe keep foaf:homepage and add a new property to point to an API








Thu, 07/03/2013 - 00:47

I apologise in advance in case this issue has already been discussed by the WG, but this property seems to be very similar to :physicallyAvailableAt or gr:availableAtOrFrom, with the difference that it points to an online / virtual "location" - i.e., the online instance of the public service. The range can then be an online "service", e.g., as modelled in DCAT. Moreover, such property and :physicallyAvailableAt or gr:availableAtOrFrom could be considered as sub-types of a more generic property (which needn't be defined, unless of any use) denoting "where" a public service is available.

I wonder whether any existing vocabulary defines properties that can be re-used to model such a relationship. I'm not sure foaf:page is the appropriate option, considering its definition ("A page or document about [a] thing."). Of course, it can always be used to point to an online description / documentation of the public service. And foaf:homepage can be used to point to the public service home page.

philarcher (not verified)
Sun, 10/03/2013 - 18:21

As with… Andrea's points are in line with the WG's view. See resolution for that issue for details of the cpsv:hasChannel property.