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  1. Introduction
  2. Technical Documentation
  3. Deployment
  4. Adaptability


The Public Service Description Editor is a content management system that allows public administrations to create and manage CPSV-AP descriptions of public services. The tool is technically robust, cost-efficient and collaborative in terms of end-user benefits. It also allows public administrations to visualise the descriptions in a way that is both readable by humans and can be exported in an interoperable, machine-readable format that conforms to the CPSV-AP.


public service editor


The use cases that the Public Service Description Editor covers have been presented to, and cross-checked with, the CPSV-AP Working Group.

The implemented use cases are as follow:

  1. Create a public service description
  2. Edit a public service description
  3. Remove a public service description
  4. Export public service descriptions
  5. Search for a public service description
  6. Visualise the saved descriptions

Technical documentation

This section provides the technical details of the CPSV-AP Public Service Description Editor. The image below provides a simplified overview of how the tool works.


public service description editor


As can be seen, the tool consists of the following parts:

  • Drupal 7: the content management system that the CPSV-AP Public Service Description Editor uses to create and manage descriptions;
  • PHP: the programming language;
  • MySQL database: i.e. the database of the Drupal installation;
  • Virtuoso Triple store: the triple store where all the descriptions are stored, and
  • SPARQL endpoint: Endpoint to query the triple store by using the SPARQL query language.

More information on the technical architecture can be found here.


Web server

The quickest and easiest to use the Public Service Description Editor is to by accessing the deployed test implementation of the Public Service Description Editor on the Amazon Web Server. It can be found here.

The attached Virtuoso Triple store can be queried by authenticated users at the following link using Chrome or Internet Explorer here.

Please note that the web server is for testing purposes only.

Local deployment

A second option is local deployment. The code for the Public Service Description Editor is available on GitHub here.

To deploy the Public Service Description Editor locally, the administration will require PHP and Drupal environments installed on their webserver. The PHP version used is 5.6.15; the Drupal version is 7.42. Finally, a Virtuoso Triple store is needed to store the data created by the users.

For detailed steps for deployment and configuration, please refer to here.


The CPSV-AP Public Service Description Editor can be easily adapted to include new functionalities or make changes to the CPSV-AP. In addition, although the editor is designed for the CPSV-AP, it can be adapted to reflect any data model. For example, the Public Service Description Editor has been successfully adapted to the Dutch national data model, ‘Samenwerkende Catalogi’. More information on this can be found on our Pilots page. In the Editor, the administrator can freely add or remove classes and properties. RDF mappings for these classes can be assigned and existing mappings changed.

For detailed steps on how to adapt the editor, please refer to our guide, which can be downloaded here.

More information on the general design of the tool and its uses can be found here. The document also contains detailed steps on how to deploy, adapt and configure the tool for your local installation.

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