DCAT-AP issues: submission guidelines

Published on: 15/12/2017

Any problems encountered, or suggestions for new functionalities can be submitted as issues on the DCAT-AP repository on GitHub. Submitters of issue need to register for a free user account by clicking “Sign up for GitHub” on the GitHub start page.

To submit an issue, click on the “Issues” tab when signed in to the DCAT-AP repository and then click on the green “New issue” button.
Give the issue a short but meaningful title, for example mentioning the class or property to which the issue is related.
Furthermore, in the body of the issue, please provide as much information as possible, for example:

  • submitter name and affiliation
  • portal, service or software product represented or affected
  • clear and concise description of the problem or requirement
  • proposed solution, if any

This information will help the Operational Team to classify the issue as a bug fix, minor semantic issue or major semantic issue.

The Editor of the DCAT-AP specification will respond to the issue within two weeks with an initial reaction and an indication of the next steps to be taken.


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