Relantionship between dcat:accessURL and dcat:downloadURL

Published on: 26/10/2016
Description of the information contained in the two properties:
  • dcat:accessURL (mandatory)
    “This property contains a URL that gives access to a Distribution of the Dataset. The resource at the access URL may contain information about how to get the Dataset.”
  • dcat:downloadURL
    “This property contains a URL that is a direct link to a downloadable file in a given format.”
Issue:   In some cases, accessURL might not be needed and the information in downloadURL and accessURL is duplicated. The fact that downloadURL is considered as a specific form of accessURL but without being defined as a sub-property of the second would suppose a duplication of information in certain cases due to the mandatory specification of accessURL. Is the best way to handle this to change the requirement to ask either for the accessURL or the downloadURL for any dcat:Distribution?   Previous related discussion is available here:






Wed, 26/10/2016 - 13:58