Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary

Core Criterion and Evidence Vocabulary


What is the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary?

The Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary (CCCEV) supports the exchange of information between organisations that define criteria and organisations that respond to these criteria by means of evidences.

What are the benefits of using the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary?

The Core Evidence and Core Criterion Vocabulary (CCCEV) addresses specific needs of businesses, public administrations and citizens across the European Union, including the following use cases:

  • Facilitate development of interoperable information systems: the use of common vocabularies to describe criteria and evidence facilitates the development of information systems and improves their interoperability.
  • Create a repository of reusable criteria in machine-readable formats: the use of common vocabularies promotes the creation of a repository of criteria and evidence information.
  • Automate the assessment of criteria: the Core Vocabulary describing the criterion responses allows systems to easily compare the information collected from different parties and enables automatic assessment of the responses for a specific criterion.
  • Automate scoring of responses: weighting criteria, the assessment can be followed by an automate scoring of the responses provided by different parties.
  • Promote cross-border participation in public procurement: the use of the Core Vocabulary for electronic criterion and evidence allows for removing language barriers thereby improving the cross border exchange of information, and the cross-border participation in pan-European selection processes.
  • Calculating statistics: standardising data for criterion, criterion responses and evidences allows calculating statistical information on the most common used criteria for a given process, the most relevant evidences, etc.
  • Create a registry of mappings of criteria: using the Core Vocabulary, it is possible to create a registry of mappings to allow cross-checking of the criteria with the evidences of each particular Member State.

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Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary key milestones

  • In January 2022 version 2.00 was released
  • In December 2016 version 1.00 was released
  • The Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary was developed between February and December 2016

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