Core Public Organisation Vocabulary

Core Public Organisation


What is the Core Public Organisation Vocabulary?

The Core Public Organisation Vocabulary provides a common data model for describing public organisations in the European Union.

What are the benefits of using the Core Public Organisation Vocabulary?

The Core Public Organisation Vocabulary facilitates the process for institutions publishing data about public organisations. It can be enriched with sector- or country-specific information.

The Core Public Organisation Vocabulary (CPOV) addresses specific needs of businesses, public administrations and citizens across the European Union, including the following use cases:

  • Facilitate information sharing: the CPOV enables G2G (Government-to-Government), G2B (Government-to-Business) and G2C (Government-to-Citizen) information sharing.
  • Facilitate the development of common information systems: the use of existing data models for the development of common information systems facilitates the development of those systems and improves their interoperability.
  • Linked Open Organograms: the Core Public Organisation Vocabulary has the potential to link organograms to each other and to high value data sets.
  • Cross border information exchange: the CPOV allows to manage a cross-border repository of public services and organisations.
  • Find a PO by its function: the public organisation portfolio facilitates discovery of which public authorities and departments are responsible for given areas of the public task.
  • Increase efficiency: the CPOV helps to identify where responsibilities and functions are duplicated or overlap.

Core Public Organisation Vocabulary key milestones

  • On December 2016 version 1.00 was released
  • The work for the development of the specification started in January 2016, and lasted until December 2016

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