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EntryScape is an information management platform built on the Linked Data technology stack. EntryScape consists of a set of single page web applications that stores information in a triplestore. EntryScape is Open Source but also provided as a hosted service in the cloud. The Terms and Catalog applications can be tried out at free.entryscape.com, in brief the applications are: 

EntryScape Catalog - manage your Open Data / PSI data

EntryScape Catalog is designed to help data owners to describe their data in terms of catalogs, datasets, and distributions without having to be aware of the technical details of the DCAT-AP standard. The application can be configured to use regional or topical variation such as the German DCAT-AP.DE as well as GeoDCAT-AP. The application also supports a wider workflow that includes dataset candidates, showcases and dataset ideas.

Files of any format can be uploaded into EntryScape Catalog. In addition, tabular APIs can be generated from CSV files by the click of a button.

EntryScape Registry - harvest datasets into a regional / national registry

EntryScape Registry is designed to help portal owners to harvest datasets from a range of data providers (e.g. all municipalities and agencies in a region or on the state level). The major strengths are:

  • Manage which data providers to be harvested.
  • Pre-registration of data providers and status page to show progress / compliance.
  • Detailed validation reports of successfully harvested data providers.
  • Assist data providers through validation tool and self-registration.
  • Overview / search interface to check harvested datasets.
  • Provide API access to harvested datasets (metadata only).

It is important to note that EntryScape Registry is not a complete dataportal in itself. Instead, the intention is that EntryScape Registry APIs should be used when building a data portal, either as part of an existing web, with the help of a CMS or from scratch.

EntryScape Terms - work with terminologies

EntryScape Terms provides a user-friendly tool to implement and work with terminologies expressed in SKOS. Using a common vocabulary for metadata will make it easy to connect, relate and classify all content. It is an important step in creating consistency and interoperability in data management processes.

EntryScape Workbench - work with any linked data

EntryScape Workbench is the most generic application in the sense that it requires a configuration before it can be used. The configuration allows the system to work with any set of (interconnected) entity types expressed according to metadata profiles outlined in metadata templates. Examples of configurations include:

  • ISA Core vocabularies (persons, organizations, places and services)
  • Public art and artists in the cultural heritage sector (Dublin Core Terms, Schema.org and custom properties).
  • Metadata for reports and decisions within the public sector (Dublin Core Terms and custom properties)

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