EU Budget Dashboard

Published on: 29/06/2018

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EU Budget Dashboard Overview

The dashboard contains 5 charts, 5 filters and two text fields.

EU Budget Dashboard graphs


The Treemap

The treemap is the main chart in our dashboard and allows the exploration of the budget by drilling down through the subsections of the Nomenclature. For each element in the Nomenclature, the heading (description) and the total of amounts is displayed.

The “Selection total” KPI

This chart will be used to display the total amount of our selections taking into account all the filters applied.

The “Percentage of total” KPI

This chart will be used to display what percentage of the total budget is covered by our current selection, taking into account our filters on year and Appropriation type.

The “Change from – to” KPI

This chart will be used to display the percentage change of our current selection from the previous year to the current one.

The “Change over time” Linechart

This chart will be used to display how the amount corresponding to the selections we have made changed through time.

The “Logo” and “Text & image” charts

At the top there are two Text & Image charts.

The “Filter panes”

The two on the top are used to select the Year and the Appropriation type. These will most usually be set to a value and then not bothered with, so they are tucked in using up as little space as possible. Given the difference in meaning, it is advised not to select both “commitment” and “payment” appropriation types at the same time. Either “Commitment” + “Differentiated appropriation” or “Payment” + “Differentiated appropriation”.

Below we have a filter pane functioning as an alternative way to go through the sections of the budget. This allows the user to go through the sections in a more organised way compared to the treemap as here they are all displayed sorted by budget line. For this we will need to create a drill-down master dimension including the “Title”, “Chapter”, “Article”, “Item”, “Sub-Item” fields, that we created in the preparation phase, in that order.

Below the two filter panes display the Political Categories and EU Programmes associated with our selections. They are given a more prominent position in the dashboard, so their values can always be seen.


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The EU Dashboard can be viewed using QlikSense. The file is available for download here.


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