Example Query: summing up per MFF heading (catpol)

Published on: 25/06/2018
Last update: 06/07/2018

What is the total amount budgeted under each Political Category in 2018?

The main structure of the budget of the EU Institutions is set out by the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The MFF defines a number of themes under which expenses can be made, and sets annual ceilings per theme. These themes or “MFF headings” are

  1. Smart and Inclusive Growth
    1. Competitiveness for growth and jobs: includes research and innovation; education and training; trans-European networks in energy, transport and telecommunications; social policy; development of enterprises etc.
    2. Economic, social and territorial cohesion: covers regional policy which aims at helping the least developed EU countries and regions to catch up with the rest, strengthening all regions' competitiveness and developing inter-regional cooperation.
  2. Sustainable Growth: Natural Resources: includes the common agricultural policy, common fisheries policy, rural development and environmental measures.
  3. Security and citizenship: includes justice and home affairs, border protection, immigration and asylum policy, public health, consumer protection, culture, youth, information and dialogue with citizens.
  4. Global Europe: covers all external action ('foreign policy') by the EU such as development assistance or humanitarian aid with the exception of the European Development Fund (EDF) which provids aid for development cooperation with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, as well as overseas countries and territories. As it is not funded from the EU budget but from direct contributions from EU Member States, the EDF does not fall under the MFF.
  5. Administration: covers the administrative expenditure of all the European institutions, pensions and European Schools.
  6. Compensations: temporary payments designed to ensure that Croatia, who joined the EU in July 2013, does not contribute more to the EU budget than it benefits from it in the first year following its accession.


The MFF Headings have sub-categories as well, often referred to as “Political Categories”. In the EU Budget, every single amount needs to be linked to an MFF heading, using the bud:hasPoliticalCategory attribute.


The query returns the sum of all amounts per MFF category. Since the titles of the categories were not included in the sample data, the query only returned the codes of the headings, e.g.

  • 1_1_12 = International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
  • 1_2_6 = Contribution from the Cohesion Fund to CEF
  • ...

The meaning of the codes can be found in the metadata of the EU Budget XML publication or in many financial reports. In the final version of the EU Budget as LOD, the query will be able to return the titles of the MFF headings instead of their codes, as the titles will be included in the data. The table below shows a sample of the results from the query:

Query 3 sample results




Amounts spent on



Amounts spent on



Amounts spent on



Amounts spent on



Amounts spent on






Type of document