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OnToology is an on-line application that exploits GitHub capabilities to ease collaborative ontology (or OWL vocabularies) development focusing on ontology documentation (HTML generation, diagrams, JSON-LD context generation), evaluation and publication (using permanent URLs). OnToology reuses existing software to carry out the above-mentioned activities orchestrating the transition between activities and centralizing the resource exchange in GitHub rather than exporting and importing files in a number of different systems.

OnToology integrates existing services as Widoco for ontology documentation, AR2DTool for diagrams generation and OOPS! for ontology evaluation. For ontology publishing, OnToology provides support for publishing ontologies using w3id permanent URIs and also for generating the content negotiation files needed to deploy an ontology in local servers.

OnToology user application is available at http://ontoology.linkeddata.es/

OnToology code is available at https://github.com/OnToology/OnToology

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Ontology Engineering Group - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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