Semic SEMIC.EU V1.3 1.1.0 1.1.0

13 years ago

package : Semic
processor type : Any

Version 1.3 May 2009 introduced personalised user profiles including new views and functionality for privacy setting and profil data shifted (National and Domain) Experts, partner projects and partner initiatives from CMS content to repository including new forms for displaying and maintaining these formerly Magnolia-Contents in the repository. Clearing process - reworked asset single view now featuring + interlinked projects, + ZIP-Pre-View, + Attached Asset Assessment Report to mature assets - deleted Meta-data field "Interoperability Scope" - added state "under development" improved website search engine now indexing in addition to Asset Metadata also + Textfiles in Asset-ZIP Container + Project, Experts, Userprofile and Initiative Metadata Enhanced the Taxonomie to cover all repository objects (user, projects, initiatives, experts) Keywords as Metadata now used in all repository objects Included a security fix preventing (SPAM) Private Mails in the forum to be sent in your name to your own account Added an Asset Development Assistant, a Guideline Wizard. Its content is based on a customizable XML-File. This wizard allows to check or uncheck open issues in you Asset Development process and to contact the SEMIC.EU team and ask for a call back. reworked the MySemic View now including administration of Asset Development Assistant-Sheets