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StatDCAT-AP 1.0.1

Latest release
3 years ago

What's new?

This new version 1.0.1 implements bug fix changes to StatDCAT-AP version 1.0.0 addressing comments received via GitHub:  

  1. Aligned the use of the dcterms and dct prefixes in StatDCAT-AP version 1.0.1 in Annex VIII.2 as in StatDCAT-AP-1: @prefix dcterms: has been changed to @prefix dct:
  2. Updated Annex VI, SDMX structural metadata example as in StatDCAT-AP-2. In order to avoid any ambiguity, URIs are used instead of keywords for DCAT-AP and StatDCAT-AP.
  3. Updated references to Publications Office Metadata Registry as in DCAT-AP-54 and in Table1, Column Vocabulary name for all rows containing MDR: MDR has been changed to EU Vocabularies.
  4. Updated DCAT-AP UML schema as in DCAT-AP-50 by changing the order of startDate and endDate in dct:PeriodOfTime.

In April 2019, the ISA² Programme of the European Commission started the bug fix release cycle for DCAT-AP and StatDCAT-AP aiming to address requests for change received by users through the GitHub repository. StatDCAT-AP Working Group members and users were invited to share their comments by the 24th of May 2019. Read more about the process.