VocBench3 8.0

2 years ago

VocBench 3 v8.0 is now available and can be downloaded from


VocBench 3 v8.0 includes the following features:

  • Custom Services tool,
  • Invokable Reports tool (based on Custom Services),
  • Support (in the form of a tool) for connecting to the SKOS diffing system [https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/skosdiff/],
  • Notification mechanism,
  • Possibility for the user to modify the scenario suggested by MAPLE, in Alignment,
  • ResourceMetadata tool for the management of resource metadata on creation/update/deletion events,
  • Configurable dataset catalog connectors,
  • Improved CustomForm widget by exploiting new PEARL annotations,
  • Organization of projects in directories,
  • Renewed UI of the ACL matrix,
  • A AND filter for concept scheme enabled when browsing the concept tree,
  • Support for no-lexicon mode in OntoLex lexical entries view (i.e. if no lexicon has been selected, then all lexical entries are shown),
  • Scalability checks for preventing painting of lists or trees with too many elements (which are then replaced by search panels on-the-fly),
  • Alternative ResourceView ('TermView') tailored for terminologists and lexicographers,
  • Alternative ResourceView ('CodeView') for viewing/editing the description of resources directly through RDF code,
  • Improved exploitation of the Metadata Registry of SemanticTurkey,
  • Improved support for OWL2,
  • Improved Manchester syntax editor with autocompletion and error markers,
  • Improved the RDF Resource visualization widget for supporting callbacks to various syntax highlights,
  • On validation, any user who performed an action may reject it, even with no validation capability,
  • The class diagram visualization is now stable (it was experimental in 7.0.0),
  • Docker distribution of VB3,
  • Support for highlighting Manchester syntax to the improved RDF Resource widget,
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements,

and builds on the features added in the v7.0 release, i.e.:

  • Introduced EDOAL projects,
  • Support for alignment generation and validation through a remote alignment system (Genoma),
  • Support for SHACL shapes,
  • Possibility to delete connected remote repositories when deleting a project,
  • Template-based mechanism that allows for the customization of the ResourceView, making it possible to indicate the partitions to hide,
  • The Administrator can setup defaults for this setting for all users
  • ResourceView partitions are now subject to authorization check: the partitions for which the user has not the required capabilities are automatically hidden,
  • CustomRanges for lexicalization properties (with forms in overlaying)
  • Display of images on ResourceView (it can be enabled/disabled through a setting),
  • Rendering of foreign URIs in ResourceView with async calls
  • Information (as tooltips) about resources' and triples' nature and graphs in ResourceView,
  • Support for datatype definitions through enumerations, restrictions and general dataranges expressed through dedicated UI or Manchester syntax,
  • Improved Manchester syntax editor with support of syntax highlighting and syntax checking,
  • Improved validation of typed values,
  • New graph for class diagrams,
  • Improved "dangling concepts" ICV with the possibility to run the check on all the schemes,
  • Load data from dataset catalog,
  • Fixed and improved Advanced Graph Applications in Sheet2RDF,
  • Extended Configuration panel with new application-wide settings,
  • Multiple administators,
  • Possibility to customize the path of the SemanticTurkeyData folder,
  • Configuration of the preload profiler threshold,
  • Customization of optional user fields,
  • Minor changes to the home page and basic customization of its content,
  • Splash screen,
  • Additional filters on languages to show only labels/notes lists for the desired languages
  • Kazakhstan and Lithuanian flag icons added,
  • Possibility to edit an implicit prefix-namespace mapping,
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.