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Community of Practice on Core Data Models

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Published on: 24/11/2014 Document Archived

This is the workplace of the CoP on the Core Data Models and provides an entry point and overview of all work that is carried out within the Community of Practice. Bellow are listed the mission, the goals and practical information about the CoP:

  1. Mission and purpose
  2. Goals
  3. Practical information
  4. Events

1. Mission and purpose

The international Community of Practice on Core Data Models is an informal network of representatives in EU Member States and other countries, such as Japan and the U.S., for sharing knowledge and experience on core data models. Core data models are defined as:  “reusable data models that are defined, managed, promoted and maintained centrally to facilitate interoperability across different systems, applications and domains.”


Find here the Charter of the Community of Practice on Core Data Models.


2. Goals

The Community of Practice has the following goals:

  • To identify and share good practices and lessons-learned;
  • To set up a repository of frameworks, tools and services for core data models, increasing the visibility of existing initiatives in the field, and providing an entry point of expertise and knowledge for new initiatives;
  • To create mappings between core data models;
  • To join forces and identify opportunities for alignment and standardisation;
  • To propose ideas for new activities and project which could be supported by the ISA Programme following the normal process of the ISA Work Programme execution.

3. Practical information

4. Events

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