Third workshop on Wikidata and Wikibase

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Published on: 02/11/2022

visual wikidata workshop 3

The third and final workshop will be remote on Tuesday 28 March 2023 from 14:00 to 16:00. It will be a return of experience on the two previous ones, allowing participants to share their feelings about the usefulness and complexity of Wikidata/Wikibase for their own use cases. This event will be more participatory and will let everyone express their own reflections and concerns, as well as wishes for future improvements and functionalities. In this view, we will invite a speaker from Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) to ensure a proper follow-up of the users’ concrete needs and therefore foster the uptake of Wikimedia products in our community. 

A more detailed agenda and practicalities for the second and third webinar will be shared soon.  


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