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DCAT-AP minor release – version 2.1.0

DCAT-AP minor release

Published on: 14/12/2021 Last update: 31/01/2022 News Archived

We would like to inform you about the minor release of the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) 2.1.0

In September 2021, the Interoperable Europe Programme of the European Commission started the minor release cycle for DCAT-AP aiming to address requests for change received by users through the GitHub repository. Following this process, we would like to announce that the new release of DCAT-AP 2.1.0 is available on on Joinup and on Github.

What’s new?

The changes implemented in DCAT-AP version 2.1.0 are related to the following issues:

  • Improved UML diagram in accordance with the agreed profile reading
  • Improved coherency between the UML diagram and the specification text
  • A usage guide on the relationships between Dataset, Distribution and Data Service; and the consequences of this clarification on the model
  • Various editorial fixes
  • Consolidation of the SHACL shapes
  • Minor specification updates:
    • Introduction of the NAL planned-availability, NAL access-right and NAL dataset-type
    • Lift of the max-cardinality for dataset dct:type
    • Lift of the max-cardinality for property dct:creator
    • Allow other than SHA1 checksum algorithms
    • The range for temporal properties is enlarged to contain any temporal XSD datatype
    • Alignment of usage notes for reused property adms:status with W3C DCAT
    • Addition of max-cardinality 1 for dcat:temporalResolution and dcat:spatialResolutionInMeters to align with the usage note

Do you have any questions?

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