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In 2001 the whole of the Catalan administrations –catalan Government and local authorities- launched a joint strategy signed in the Catalan Parliament in which he was born, among others, the Consortium Open Administration of Catalonia (AOC).

AOC's mission is to promote the digital transformation of the Catalan authorities promoting governments agile, collaborative and logical. The AOC vision will ensure that people enjoy quality public services and live in an open society.

According to Law 29/2010, of 3 August, the use of electronic media in the public sector in Catalonia, the strategic objectives of the AOC are mainly working with the Government of Catalonia, local and, where appropriate, other public bodies to:

a) Promote the interoperability of information systems with other Catalan administrations.

b) Create and provide common services for e-government.

c) Reuse applications and eGovernment services.

d) Ensure the identity and proof of willingness on the actions of citizens and staff in the public sector, as well as confidentiality and non-rejection in electronic communications.


Strategic lines of action

The AOC works with a clear vocation of service to the government and willingness to anticipate future needs already foreseen in the current regulatory framework or the public demand.

Specifically working on the following strategic lines of action:

1. Services administrative cooperation, with the aim of enhancing the exchange of information by electronic means between public administrations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, that is, to promote the interoperability of information systems Catalan public administrations. These services seek to:

Do not ask for any document proving that citizens already have or will public administration employees, ensuring compliance with legislation protecting personal data.

It reduces the time and costs of procedures and inter communications, through the exchange of information by electronic means

2. Common Services e-government to provide support to projects of intensive use of information technologies and communications that promote the Catalan institutions, promoting reusability and reuse of e-government solutions.

With these services it contribute to:

Accelerate the process of modernization of public administrations in Catalonia.

Avoiding the digital divide between public authorities arising from the diversity of their capacity and available resources.

Promoting the development of standards based on best practices.

Increase the use of electronic means in procedures and administrative procedures while maintaining the technical and legal guarantees.

3. Identity and electronic signature services, aimed at public employees and elected officials, and citizens of Catalonia.

4. Support  services. AOC also performs functions of outreach, training and advice, and when it corresponds, financial support to local organizations in developing their e-government projects and initiatives.

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Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC)
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