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The aim is to provide eFACT of Catalan public administration systems receive electronic invoices from their suppliers, obtaining the benefits linked to billing procedures (cost savings, streamlining and standardization of processes) and contributing to the momentum and widespread use of electronic invoicing in Catalonia.

At the policy level Law 29/2010, of August 3, the use of electronic media in the public sector in Catalonia and Law 10/2011 of 29 December on the simplification and improvement of normative regulation, make it reference.


Service Description

eFACT is based on a model that simplifies relationship management-provider billing processes and offers the possibility of working with the various existing platforms, avoiding imposition technological or organizational or transmitters or receivers, ensuring the principle of technological neutrality.

An electronic invoice is an electronic document that: contains the same type of information that is in a traditional invoice is transmitted through electronic media have legal validity when du electronic signature that ensures the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation and is likely to be submitted electronically and related customer and supplier

To facilitate the processing of electronic invoices towards the Catalan administrations from its suppliers, eFACT consists of three core elements: a hub or hub responsible for the distribution of invoices flow and communication of their status; Mailbox delivery of invoices to suppliers facilitates the shipment, in case you do not have some of the electronic invoicing solution on the market; and a reception portal administration.

Among the advantages of the eFACT include reducing internal processing time in each administration, and space saving and more effective management of the file.

eFACT is integrated into the Spanish platform FACE.

The savings generated by the service eFACT has more than 132 million.


Users and activity

Currently (January 2019) 1.687 Public Sector Catalan eFACT use. Developments in recent years regarding invoices received were as follows:

2010: 1.749

2011: 4.191

2012: 23.556

2013: 58.590

2014: 97.957

2015 1.847.485

2016: 2.393.047

2017: 2.927.735

2018: 3.405.966

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