10. Share your solution by default and explain any decision not to share (MOCKUP)


9. Take into account the multilingual EU environment when developing IT solutions



Recommended measures for central bodies

10 Com gen reco Share your solution by default and explain any decision not to share

For sharing and reuse to become the rule, a cultural shift needs to happen in the public sector. Sharing an IT solution should become the default approach. However, there are circumstances where public administrations may be understandably reluctant to participate in the collaborative development of IT solutions.

For instance, a key step in sharing software is exposing its source code. This allows potential users to understand its functionalities or adapt them as required. Exposing the source code to a wider public also makes it easier to identify and fix weak security points.

While restrictions on the sharing and reuse of IT solutions may be justified, public administrations should document these decisions based on a full assessment of the restriction’s potential benefits and drawbacks.


10.1.Provide explanations for restricting sharing


Public administrations should share IT solutions by default. Exceptions may occur, for instance due to security, privacy or legal considerations. In these cases, public administrations should always explain the circumstances and justify the exception.