Business models for Sharing and Re-use

Published on: 03/05/2014
Last update: 19/10/2017

This study “Business models for Sharing and Re-use” looks at the business models of sharing and re-using, by asking: when government pays for ICT, what is the rationale, the incentive for sharing or re-using? What cost models or savings are generated?  


The 12 examples of business models presented in this study address various ways of delivering public services based on sharing and/or re-using of assets, on national, European or regional levels.


The document presents in section 2, examples of models and incentives to either develop a tool in order to share it, or to re-use an existing tool. Section 3 provides examples of cost models and rational to develop shared IT services. Section 4 gives examples of “shared developments”, with models of collaboration for the development and maintenance of specific common solutions.


The study draws a series of conclusions based on the analysis of these 12 successful approaches, including the fact that without incentives and other financial benefits, sharing and re-use initiatives are limited, but that savings come in many different forms. The sharing and re-use models need to be divers and adapted to the target groups.


These cases are also described according to their governance model, in the document "Governance Models for Sharing and Re-use".


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