Guidelines and templates for agreements

This comprehensive document presents re-usable and adaptable templates and guidelines for diverse types of agreements for collaboration, both in sharing and re-use of assets:


1. A comprehensive collaboration framework, focusing on collaboration within and between government at all levels for projects. It includes:

·         a  Collaborative Head Agreement (CHA), with high-level provisions for the governance of projects,

·         a Project Agreement, designed to include specific project-related provisions, and to be used for multiple projects under the one CHA


2. A guideline for agreements between Public Administrations in the scope of shared services. It include principles underpinning arrangements between public sector organisations and contents of MoUs and SLAs.


A series of guidelines and templates for agreements between public administrations for developing tools for re-use, for re-using shared tools and for shared development: 


3. Standard sharing and re-using clauses for contracts

4. Guideline on Public Procurement of Open Source Software

5. Joinup Collaboration agreement

6. Guidance on Joint Public Procurement


All these templates and guidelines are adapted from existing guidances and templates provided by public administrations.  


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