Report on Policies and Initiatives on Sharing and Re-use

Published on: 04/04/2014
Last update: 08/11/2017

The Report on “Policies and Initiatives on Sharing and Re-use” presents current policies (February 2013) and initiatives in Europe on sharing and re-use of assets among public administrations.


The study highlights the different types of “sharing and re-use of assets” policies and initiatives across Europe, identifies main trends in sharing and re-use, and detects lessons learned. 

These policies enable efficiency of ICT or eGovernment Strategies, and can be found in the procurement aspects of these strategies or in the National Interoperability Frameworks. There are different types of policies, such as those focusing on open source software, on sharing of components, or on shared and cloud services. Many initiatives also aim at organising procurement, based on the pooling of solutions based on common needs. 

The types of assets shared or re-used vary widely, and include common frameworks and architectures, common lists of standards and metadata, shared development of common components or only their re-use, or even best practices.

The report also describes a variety of lessons learned related to the efficiency of these policies and successful approaches.


This document is produced in the scope of  ISA Action 4.2.5. “Sharing and re-use Framework”. The aim of this ISA action is to develop a holistic approach to sharing and reuse across border and sectors with a view to helping public administrations all over Europe to share and reuse solutions related to public services delivery in an efficient and effective way.


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