Ludovic Schurr

Expert at LINAGORA Consulting Services & the Open Source Legal Center, LINAGORA Chief Legal OfficerLS

Mr. Schurr takes major part in LINAGORA missions as an expert in the fields of business models, Open Source Governance, Intellectual property & competition law, agreements and Open Source litigation.

In this quality, M. Schurr: assists a large range of prestigious key accounts both in the private & public sectors, in France and worldwide in their digital transition, enabling them to control any issues related to Open Source; is a key designer of LINAGORA strategic Open Source consulting missions ; is in charge of LINAGORA contractual cases regarding Open Source; participates in defending LINAGORA interests in Open Source litigation cases.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Governance & Open Source Action Plans
  • Intellectual Property & Competition Law, compliance, Software Asset Management
  • Leading of complex projects
  • Brand management, licenses choice, internal policy, releases management
  • Litigation
  • Counseling and strategical watch
  • Public Innovation Policies