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Masters of Digital 2019 - DIGITALEUROPE’s annual flagship event -

Masters of Digital 2019

Published on: 18/02/2019 Last update: 13/06/2019 News Archived

DIGITALEUROPE, the leading technology trade association in Europe, is proud to invite you to its “Masters of Digital 2019” conference and exhibition taking place on 21 February at Concert Noble in Brussels. 
By gathering over 400 senior representatives from the digital industry and senior representatives from the EU Institutions and national governments, Masters of Digital 2019 offers a unique opportunity for the public sector and businesses to discuss the forthcoming policy challenges impacting the digital economy and to dive into the key enablers that will transform Europe digitally. 

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society  – on how Europe wants to boost digital innovation and enable digital scale-ups to thrive

Martin Selmayr, Secretary-General, European Commission  – on Europe becoming the digital continent

Lord Ashton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department  for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport   – on what is the UK’s vision for a digital Europe


This year’s Masters of Digital will put strong emphasis on five topics that are of key importance in today’s digital world: Digital Manufacturing, Sustainability, e-Health and Artificial Intelligence, and EU Leadership beyond 2020. They will be covered in-depth during panel debates by high-level guests including: 

DIGITALEUROPE’S MANIFESTO The launch of DIGITALEUROPE’s Manifesto will be one of the highlights of the event. We will present our bold vision on the future of Europe and outline an action plan for how digital will benefit Europe in the next ten years. 
For the second time in a row, DIGITALEUROPE will publicly recognise the positive impact that SMEs have on the European economy and the potential that they possess to become future global unicorns. Thus, the event will feature an award ceremony during which Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will hand out the Future Unicorn award to European SME that have proven to be digitally innovative and successful. 
Throughout the event, all participants will also have access to the tech exhibition featuring state-of-the-art gadgets, applications and tools developed by global innovators such as Google and Microsoft, among many others.  


DIGITALEUROPE represents the digital technology industry in Europe. Our members include some of the world's largest IT, telecoms and consumer electronics companies and national associations from every part of Europe. DIGITALEUROPE wants European businesses and citizens to benefit fully from digital technologies and for Europe to grow, attract and sustain the world's best digital technology companies. DIGITALEUROPE ensures industry participation in the development and implementation of EU policies. DIGITALEUROPE’s members include in total over 35,000 ICT Companies in Europe represented by 66 Corporate Members and 40 National Trade Associations from across Europe. Our website provides further information on our recent news and activities: