Ramón Chismol-Ibáñez

Ramón Chismol-Ibáñez, Director for Digital Solutions, Council of the European Union R


Ramón was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1970. He received a MS in economics, a PhD in electrical engineering and an MBA, and he completed his education with postgraduate studies in public administration and philosophy. Before joining the European Commission in 2002, Ramón worked as a consultant in the telecom sector and as a lecturer and researcher in Spanish universities. From the Commission, he moved to the European Parliament in 2012, before taking up his post of Director in the secretariat of the Council in 2017.

In his professional journey across different European Union institutions, Ramón has managed a very wide range of IT projects and services, including IT infrastructure engineering, procurement, IT security, software development and corporate governance. His current focus is on facilitating the transformation of the Council, for delivering high-quality services and solutions to its different stakeholders: European citizens, Member States, Presidency and staff.