About Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services (SPOCS)

Building blocks for cross border communication and secure transactions

NOTE: The text on this page reflects the situation after the SPOCS project end e.g. 31 December 2012, the URL's presented still  link to the PROJECT website (and not yet to the Starter Kit). This will be adapted by the end of 2012.

The SPOCS large Scale Pilot Project aimed at contributing to the next generation of online portals (Point of Single Contact or PSC) for enterprises, which every European country now has in place, through making cross- border electronic procedures available in these portals.

Businesses seeking to expand into other countries often struggle to comply with all the regulations they need to follow. Applying for licenses, permits and completing other administrative procedures in another country can be very complicated. PSC's using SPOCS building blocks can provide for easy acces to electronic services for the applications required.

The SPOCS large-scale pilot project was launched by the European Commission in May 2009 and ended on 31 December 2012. SPOCS knowledge and software solutions are made available in the SPOCS Starter Kit. This kit consist of two parts: the technical documentation and software is available on this portal. Direct access via the menu item RELEASES. Non technical content and all relevant documentation delivered during the project is available on http://www.eu-spocs.eu/. Important information on the steps to be made for an PSC to be able to offer the cross border services is also provided in this part of the Starter Kit. Also animated presentations of the user interface and the main functional features of the building blocks are available in that part of the Starter Kit.


Example of electronic services enables by the deployment of SPOCS Building Blocks:

SPOCS provides seamless electronic procedures by building cross- border solutions based on your country’s existing systems. For example: An Italian real estate agent wants to expand his business to Germany. The information provided by the German PSC does not currently specify the Italian documents required. Will he be able to find his way through, including the information from his own home office? Will the transaction be secure? Yes, SPOCS will allow him to do all the administrative procedures online and cross-border via the Point of Single Contact!

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