EU: Factsheet of the SPOCS project

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Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services (SPOCS) is a pilot project launched by the European Commission. It aims to remove the administrative barriers European businesses face in offering their services abroad.

SPOCS is expected to further enhance the quality of electronic procedures completion and has been designed for businesses that have an interest in cross-border activities. It will allow them to meet all the administrative obligations through a single contact point that will be available online.

SPOCS will have the advantage to already benefit from the results achieved by its sister projects, STORK (on electronic identity) and PEPPOL (on electronic procurement), in relation to mutual recognition for the use of electronic identity and signatures.

The pilot project will be implemented in different phases and a special emphasis will be drawn on the development of common specifications and tools for electronic services, such as technical and semantic interoperability, the promotion of electronic documents (eDocuments) and the creation of a services directory.

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