SPOCS is test-driving the fut…

SPOCS is test-driving the future generation Points of Single Contact

Published on: 14/09/2011

The pilot project is now calling for test-drivers of new services using SPOCS.


After the go-live on 1st July, the SPOCS project is now inviting Businesses to test-drive the new services using SPOCS building blocks that will support travel agents, real estate agents and master builders in establishing a presence and doing business in other EU countries.

In addition to the current participant Member States (Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland) and three professions (Travel Agent, Real Estate Agent and Master Builder) SPOCS plans to extend its pilots to Lithuania, Portugal and Slovenia with the additional professions of Tourism Animator, Architects and Restaurants & Catering in September.

The aim of SPOCS pilot is to show that the building blocks developed within SPOCS composing the interoperability layer to foster the European services economy indeed do function in a real life environment. The SPOCS pilots are going to use the SPOCS building blocks for Syndication, eDocuments, eDelivery, eSafe and eServices in the national production environment of the Points of Single Contacts in Member States.

The work of SPOCS to foster cross-border interoperability was presented on the SEMIC.EU yearly conference 2011.

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