EDO-22 Multi-payload OCD verification is very slow due to multiple retrieving of TSL

Published on: 04/12/2012

During verification of multi-payload OCD TSL is retrieved multiple times:
1. TSL is retrieved for each payload document (should be not retrieved more than once for whole OCD)
2. For 2nd and subsequent payload documenst TSL is retrieved multiples times Image removed.. 2 times for 2nd, 3 times for 3rd, etc...

See test case attached:
1. java test code - TestOcd.java
2. libraries uesd - libs.txt
3. OCD used for testing: ocd-INVALID-with-multiple-TAC.zip
4. execution log - log.txt

In the log (log.txt) you can see that line "tsl.TSL - Adding TSL to collection." is repeated before each payload and number of "tsl.TSL - Adding TSL to collection." increases with each subsequent payload (!processing time increases too)


Daniele Mongiello added a comment - 27/Sep/12 3:46 PM

Hi Nemunas,

from the libs.txt I've seen that is in use a previous version of the jdesign library (v1.0.2 vs current v1.1.0 available on https://dev.spocs.bos-asp.eu/nexus/index.html#view-repositories;spocs_3rd~browsestorage).

Could you please update the deps and retry the test (a fix is neede anyway for EDO-24 but the v1.1.0 can already have effect on this issue)?

  Daniele Mongiello added a comment - 02/Oct/12 10:54 AM

Released a fix in TSL-1.1.3.jar, available on https://dev.spocs.bos-asp.eu/nexus/index.html